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Code::Blocks for Mac is an IDE packed full of all the features you will need. It has a consistent look, feel and operation across its supported platforms. It has been built around a plugin framework, therefore Code::Blocks for Mac can be extended with plugins. Support for any kind of functionality can be added by installing/coding a plugin. Adblock is a powerful ad-blocker extension for Google Chrome browser to help block ads from interrupting your browsing. It was inspired by Adblock Plus for Firefox and features many of the same tools for blocking ads. However, this project has nothing to do with the latter. Adblock is incredibly powerful and blocks just about everything including pre-video ads in YouTube. I installed code blocks on mac but i don't know how to add graphics.h library in code blocks.Like in windows its possible by adding the library to main file of the code blocks in c folder.How to do. Stands Fair AdBlocker. This Chrome-only ad blocker is a low-impact plugin that does exactly what.

YouTube is a leading video streaming site that offers tons of quality content to watch to its users. You can find a video on almost any topic on earth on YouTube. While it has a lot of video content to offer to its users which is quite amazing, it isn’t free to its issues. One such problem is unstoppable ads that annoy you every now & then. If you find these intrusive ads annoying and want to enjoy ad-free video content on YouTube, then it’s time to install best ad blocker for YouTube.

Top 10 Best Ad Blocker for YouTube in 2020

Here is the list of top 10 tools to block ads on YouTube

1. AdGuard

AdGuard helps you surf the web ad-free and safely. If you want to get rid of intrusive ads and online tracking, then it is time to try AdGuard. It helps you boost up browsing experience while keeping you safe from malware and other threats. With cosmetic page processing, it hides frames and empty spaces left after the ad is blocked.

Features of AdGuard

  • Hides your data from the trackers and activity analyzers to keep you safe from online monitoring.
  • Works well with all devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • Offers parental control features to keep your kids protected from online threats.

2. StopAd

Next best ad blocker for YouTube is StopAd. As the name suggests, it helps you block all annoying ads on your device while watching your favorite content on YouTube. It supports macOS, iOS, and Android devices. You can use this smart solution to take back control of your online experience. Working on powerful engines, it blocks ads even before they reach your system.

Features of StopAd

  • It uses a 3-tier approach to block all ads effectively. Here, it blocks ad URLs, scans CSS code, and filters HTML code.
  • With web protection feature, it helps you stop identity theft, phishing, and scams.
  • Offers native support to Android-based operating systems for TV.

3. Luna

Luna is a power-packed ad blocker for YouTube that helps you block mobile ads in apps and browsers. By blocking intrusive ads, it helps you boost up surfing experience while consuming fewer data. It works well on Android and iOS devices. This ad-blocker enables you to block ads not only on YouTube, but also numerous other apps, including Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and more.

Features of Luna

  • Blocks mobile ads, banners, pop-ups, and videos in any app on your device.
  • Works both on Wi-Fi and cellular network.
  • Blocks ads in all leading browsers and apps.

4. YouTube AdBlock

YouTube AdBlock is Microsoft Edge add-on that works seamlessly on Edge browser to block all types of ads. It prevents all ads from loading at first place to reduce energy consumption and reduce data usage. This ad-blocker blocks all tracking activities by third-party apps to keep your privacy intact. You should install this YouTube ad block extension for Edge to block ads for phishing schemes, malware attacks, and fraudulent websites.

Features of YouTube AdBlock

  • Supports unlimited ad blocking for continuous protection.
  • Offers licenses for multiple installations.
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Add Blocks For Mac Os

5. Adblock Plus

With Adblock Plus, you get cleaner and faster web experience. It helps you block unnecessary ads while acceptable ads are allowed by default to support websites. This open-source tool is available for free to use. It ensures you enjoy faster browsing while reducing the threat of tracking and malware attack. It blocks ‘malvertising’ effectively for effective security.

Features of Adblock Plus

  • Allows acceptable ads by default which you can block if you want.
  • You can download Adblock browser app on your mobile device to block all ads in the first place.
  • Also available as an extension for all major browsers.

6. AdBlock Mobile

Adblock mobile helps you block ads in apps and browsers. It enables you to make browsing experience faster while consuming less device resources. You can install Adblock Mobile on your Android or iOS device to get rid of all annoying ads immediately. It also helps you keep your privacy intact by blocking malicious tracking.

Features of Adblock

  • Offers 50+ filters to provide effective protection and ad-free web.
  • Works well with all leading social media apps.
  • You can also download an app extension to enjoy secure browsing.

7. Adblocker for YouTube by AdblockLite

Adblocker for YouTube is add-on for Firefox browser. This advanced solution keeps your online activities secure and ad-free to offer you a seamless user experience. It helps you remove all types of ads, including pop-ups, banner ads, videos, and more. You can install this powerful browser extension to load YouTube and videos faster.

Features of Adblocker for YouTube

  • It supports both Firefox desktop and mobile (Android).
  • You can install this powerful extension to block all types of ads.
  • You can install it for free.

8. AdBlock

Browse faster, better, and safer with AdBlock. It helps you stop annoying ads, protects your privacy, and improves browser speed. You can use this powerful ad blocker for YouTube to improve page load speed and save memory. You can use this smart app to eliminate banners, pop-ups, video ads, and all annoyances. It is trusted by millions of users around the world and supports 30 languages.

Features of AdBlock

Add Blocks For Msn

  • Protects your system from third-party tracking.
  • You can allow acceptable ads with this tool.
  • Supports all leading browsers with Android and iOS devices.

9. AdLock

When AdLock is on, ads are off. Try this smart ad blocker for YouTube to enjoy fast Internet and apps without annoyances caused by ads. It blocks all types of ads to offer you a seamless browsing experience. It helps you check potentially harmful links and enables you to hide your data from monitoring. For better security, it traces spyware and bugs on your device.

Features of AdLock

  • Helps you fine-tune rules of Internet usage.
  • Filters HTTPS sites and guard system performance.
  • Offers various plans for all budget users.

10. Adblocker for YouTube by Fasterblock

Adblocker for YouTube is available as an extension for Firefox and Chrome browsers. It comes with daily filter updates to keep you ad-free from ever-changing YouTube platform. It blocks ads and ensures better battery life and reduce consumption of device resources. It keeps on updating to offer you ad-free experience all the time.

Features of Adblocker for YouTube

  • It helps you block ads on all apps, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Buzzfeed, and more.
  • It performs extensive filtering to offer you an ad-free environment.
  • It offers advanced filter list and filter-list syncing for complete protection.


Using best ad blockers for YouTube, you not only manage to get rid of annoying ads, but it also helps you boost your overall browsing experience. Here, we have covered 10 best YouTube adblockers you should try in 2020. Do try them and share your experience in the comments below

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This article explains how you can block or allow pop-up window ads on your Mac. Generally, pop-ups are forms of advertising. The good news is that you can easily configure your Safari browser to allow or block pop-up windows.

How to block pop-ups in Safari

Pop-ups are annoying. They are unwanted. Sometimes they may slow down your computer. Some pop-ups may use phishing methods. Some may attempt to trick you into downloading and installing dangerous software on your Mac. Some pop-ups are just annoying because they may interrupt what you are doing.

Here is how to block them

  1. Open Safari
  2. From the Safari menu, choose Preferences
  3. Click the Websites tab
  4. Click Pop-up Windows on the left sidebar. In here you can see the “currently open websites”. You can adjust your settings for these individual websites.
  5. If you want to block popups, find the “When visiting other websites” option (bottom of the window). There are two options to block: Block and Block and Notify.
  6. If you select Block and Notify, then you will be notified an a popup is blocked. When a pop-up is blocked in Safari, Safari will briefly say: “Pop-up Window Blocked” in the search field. Also, the address bar will indicate this. You can also decide to allow pop-ups, if you click the small window icon. If you select the Block option, then Safari will block popups without letting you know.

Please note that if you still get pop-ups after blocking them, then your computer could have malware.

It is a good idea to turn on Fraudulent Website Warning in Safari security settings by going to Safari > Preferences > Security.

How to allow pop-ups in Safari

Add Blockers For Chrome

Add blocks for macBlocks

You may want to allow pop-ups for variety of reasons. Sometimes, certain websites may require you to disable pop-up blockers in order for them to work correctly. It is obvious that some legitimate websites may have web content in pop-up windows. Not all pop-up windows are malicious, dangerous or invasive. Please note that you can allow pop-ups from a specific site. In fact, we recommend this. To do this, open the website where a pop-up is blocked. In the search field (address bar) click the window icon (see the image above).

Here is how turn off pop-ups completely for all sites:

  1. Open Safari
  2. Click Safari > Preferences
  3. Select the Websites tab
  4. Click “Pop-Up Windows” from the left side menu
  5. And then select Allow

Add Blocks For Mac Computers


Add Blocks For Mac

Please note that by default, Safari disables pop-ups automatically in the browser, unless you configure differently.

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