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This application is a number one tool for Mac users, allowing them to upload photos from. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Repost for Instagram'. Download Repost for Instagram' and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Discover some of Flume's features Upload PRO. Upgrade to Flume Pro and upload your photos and videos directly from your Mac. Multiple Accounts PRO. Flume Pro also lets you add all the accounts you manage. Insights and Promotions. Get statistics about your posts and followers, and promote your posts (requires an Instagram Business profile). Direct Messaging. If you have Safari browser installed on your Mac computer (whether desktop or laptop), you can easily upload photos or videos to Instagram: Launch Safari on your Mac. Tap on Preferences & Advances. Type on the Instagram website and log in. The Best Way To Use Instagram On Mac – Use Safari For Uploading Photos Even though Instagram has been designed for mobile devices but the desktop website also allows you to view photos, like them and share your comments on them. You can visit

Well, Instagram is one of those social networking portals which is still unchallenged. Not just that, even the previous data related to the statistics shows that Instagram has one of the highest users and the number keeps increasing every day. Instagram is basically famous for sharing photos from mobile social networking. A huge section of the population prefers to use the phone version.

Also this web portal social networking site has amazing potential which can be used for several things. Not just for personal but Instagram is also extremely beneficial for business purpose and increasing the sale rate as well. The app is easily available and also simple when it comes to access it whenever you want. Not just that, API restriction is something that is strictly made by the developers.

Best Instagram App For Mac 2020

However, because of this, there are no other third parties that can help you in getting the selection option in Broad way. Well, for knowing more about it, here we have listed best Instagram apps for MAC that are developed for the Mac which helps in reforming your experience in work for sure. Apart from that, it will help you in knowing why the application is beneficial and how they improve the performance at the end. You can also visit:


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1. Instafeed.

Instafeed is a widely spread app for Instagram which is made not only for Mac but for other OS and even for some e-commerce websites like Shopify. However, it is said that the Mac version of Instafeed has an exclusive design. The app grants fast access to Instagram and has really great and seamless integration into the Mac OS.

Unlike other apps, Instafeed has a Facebook and Twitter integration too which allows you to share your photo in a faster way. The app shows an unlimited amount of photo due to the infinite scrolling. The advantage of such kind of the apps is their concordance with high-resolution PC displays that brings a new high-quality look to the photos. The app has a good design and smart managing of your followers allowing to see who follows you.

All those features have the price. Instafeed is available for $4.99 in the Apple store.

2. Ratatam.

RatatamApp is an Instagram version of Mac. The developers state that they didn’t want to provide it with fancy features improving the user experience of the original photo application. It provides the same functions that the mobile app has. Ratatam has a minimalistic design and allows you to use standard functions. You gain access to your contacts and an opportunity to interact with them. Ratatam has an in-built Growl system.

Growl is the ultimate notification system made exclusively for Mac users. It is friendly for all developers which make Growl in common use among other apps. It gathers all your notifications into one place and gives an easy access to its settings. Developers of the Ratatam say that the main purpose they wanted to achieve is transferring an Instagram to the Mac without adding fancy features but with an opportunity to stay in touch with updates. So the Ratatam will send you notifications about everything that is happening in your feed.

Ratatam costs $0.99 and it is available in the Apple store.

3. Flume.

Flume has evolved from the simple integral-to-the-desktop Instagram app for Mac to a pretty unique application with a new Instagram experience. For now, Flume has reached the version of 2.8 that grants you more than 33 new features and over one hundred improvements as the developers state. There are actually a lot of new good features that can be helpful for some users, especially for those who are not speaking English. Let’s take a look at some new features.

If you have an Instagram Business profile, Flume can give you statistics about your posts and followers. The app will also help you to promote the account. Like the previous apps, you are able to set up notifications to get all updates straight to your computer as well as you can turn it off. If you need to contact your followers you can send a direct message using Flume. It also has its own translation system.

Any Instagram profile can be translated into the language you know as well as Flume offers more than 25 different localization for oneself. Another great feature is a deep integration with Mac functions. For example, you can share dialogues, use Apple maps and drag-d-drop function with the app. There are even some fancy abilities like using the trackpad, Magic Mouse or Magic trackpad for navigation. It doesn’t seem to be very useful, however, it can be appreciated by some users.

The app itself has a great design which emphasizes the image constituent. Your feed will look like a seamless flow of photos. Each of them you can open in the original size, like it and comment, or download to your computer.

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Flume is a free app unless you want to get some additional features. For a one-time $10 payment, you will be able to upload photos from your PC directly to the Instagram as well as you can use multiple accounts on one computer.

4. PhotoDesk.

This is one of the most popular Instagram apps for Mac. PhotoDesk isn’t just a simple porting of Instagram to the Mac OS. PhotoDesk grants multiple accounts access, though the app is chargeable and can’t get for free.

A new interface makes use of a few accounts very comfortable as it allows you to see and react to the new comments quickly switching between different accounts. You can enable filters to sort out videos with 10+ likes or something else. Overall, PhotoDesk gives you about 30 different features most of which is hard to find in other similar apps. Add a good system integration and the absence of bugs.

An enormous set of features is available for you only for $6.99.

5. Grids.

Another great realization of transferring Instagram into the Mac OS. It is more likely to provide some new experience for users compared to the features that give you an original app. Multiple accounts, uploading photos and videos from PC, notification system, great design, automatic adjustment to your window size, direct messaging and other features are granted by the Grids for Instagram.

This app can be purchased for $9.99 at the Apple store.

The new Facebook cross-posting feature is amazing that lets you post on Instagram and Facebook timeline at the same time. It would be easier to post the same sort of content on both platforms at the same time and to get this feature work for you. We have added a definitive guide for how to cross-post on Instagram.

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The use of Instagram for Mac users is increased due to lots of reasons. However; basically, it happened because of the wide range that you get. Also, it’s quick and simple to handle as well as you can make yourself updated regularly without facing any hassle. All these Instagram apps for mac help you in getting the interface which can be accessed quickly no matter where are you.

Also, some of them have third-party use desktop client like offers. Well, the options in apps that you get largely depend on the need as well requirement of use. Every app has its significant role that plays an important part and for getting the best out of it you should be aware with your own needs as well as expectation from the app for mac.

Although the big part of the Instagram user is accessing by their phone however due to constant introductions of such apps also upgraded their experience. Not just that but also it upgraded the whole service using and its presence in the social networking world. However, some people go for third-party apps for mac Instagram but its recommend by the experts to use the trusted apps only so you don’t have to face hassle due to any reason.

Any Instagrammer worth their likes is meticulously picky about camera apps and photo editors, but a knockout account takes even more than good photography. With the apps on this list, you can put together creative layouts, see how new photos will look in your feed, add artsy fonts to your stories, turn live photos into videos — in other words, take your Instagram to a whole new level. Some of the apps offer in-app purchases, others will cost you a few dollars to download, but all are worth your while.

So here are the best apps to up your Insta game

Preview: An Instagram theme app

Simply posting great photos doesn’t cut it — you also need a fantastic feed. And if there’s one app that helps you meet impossible Instagram feed goals, it’s Preview. Connect your account, upload the photos you’re planning to post, and then drag them around until you’re happy with the look. That alone is enough to love Preview, but it has even more helpful features like post scheduling, editing, and hashtag research.

Gemini Photos: An app for those who have too many pics

Getting the perfect shot can take a dozen tries, especially when it’s someone else behind the camera (shout-out to the boyfriends of Instagram). And while taking tons of pics is part of the fun, finding the one you like in all this mess is a nightmare. Gemini Photos suggests you the best shot among several lookalikes and lets you delete all the rest in a few taps. Plus, it helps you get rid of those Insta stories autosaved to your iPhone and other clutter in your Camera Roll.

Layout: A native Insta layout app


Sharing a potpourri of moments from last summer or announcing the winning entries in a photo contest — you always have use for layouts on the Gram. In case you didn’t know, Instagram offers its very own Layout, the best Instagram collage app that lets you mix up to 9 photos in various grids. Save the resulting image to your iPhone and post away!

Lumy: A golden hour calculator app

If you ever tried to catch that bridge at sunrise, when it’s floating in the morning mist, or shoot a portrait on the beach in the glowing sunset light, you know it can be tricky to get the timing right. Lumy is a cute magic hour app that shows you the exact times for the sunrise, the sunset, and the golden hour — in your current location and at this time of the year. It works offline, which comes in handy when you’re on the road and planning your day around the lighting.

Word Swag: An Instagram font generator

The variety of Insta fonts in Stories is underwhelming, but with Word Swag you can design full-blown Instagram posters right on your iPhone. The app features over 60 hand-crafted fonts and 22 filters — all easy to apply to either your own photos or some 1.3 million included backgrounds. So whether you want to post an Insta story, a quote, or a birthday card for a friend, you’ll say it with style.

Unfold: An Instagram Story template app

Speaking of Instagram Stories, you don’t have to limit yourself to default layouts either. Unfold has endless minimalist templates that let you combine several photos or videos with headlines and body text. You can export your creation in high resolution and at just the right aspect ratio, so it's super easy to post a story that stands out from the reel of others.

Momento: An app to post live photos on Instagram

You know how sometimes you take a unique live photo only to discover you can't post it anywhere, because social media apps convert them into regular images? With Momento, you can turn a live a photo into a video or a GIF with added music, text, AR effects, and what not. Moreover, you can shoot stop motion videos — the long-loved genre that had a recent comeback.

Whitagram: A white border Instagram app

Using white borders on Instagram photos can completely transform your feed. And while Instagram offers that feature, it’s very limited — all you can do is add or remove the border, with no control over its color or width. Whitagram, however, allows you to add vertical, horizontal, or all-around borders in several colors and of any width you like. Works best for square photos, but portrait and landscape pics have their own charm.

Now you’re all set to achieve those #InstagramFeedGoals! Try out the apps we recommend in this post, and share it with friends, so they, too, can jazz up their Insta feeds.