Disk Encryption For Mac Os X

Disk Encryption For Mac Os X

PGP Corporation today announced a major update to PGP Whole Disk Encryption for Mac OS X. While Whole Disk Encryption was previously available for Macs, it only encrypted external volumes and didn't offer boot volume support. Unfortunately, without this support it was impossible to completely lock down a Mac laptop that might be carrying around sensitive information. PGP Whole Disk Encryption for Mac has been updated to include full boot disk encryption with pre-boot authorization.

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In older OS X versions, you can use Disk Utility to encrypt a drive; select the drive in its Sidebar, then choose File Encrypt or File Lock, depending on your OS X version.

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Almost half of all data security breaches are the result of theft or loss of a laptop. As laptops continue to replace desktops for many users, especially in enterprise, keeping the data on them secure is a growing concern. John Dasher, Director of Product Management at PGP, told Ars, 'Macs are increasing in enterprising in record numbers—they are really gaining in popularity. The fact is most organizations have pockets of them, even if it isn't a wholesale conversion.' According to a Yankee Group survey in May, 87 percent of corporations have at least once Mac. And that Mac likely contains some sensitive information.

  • Hi all, Is there a possibility to encrypt the disk (FileVault) of an Mac OS X device by using Intune? I read something about Apple Configurator, to create a profile and deploy it with Intune. But I cannot find information on how to setup such a profile for disk encryption. Anybody have a good arti.
  • Sophos Central Device Encryption for Mac manages the FileVault full disk encryption functionality on your Macs. Migrate to Sophos Central Device Encryption (Mac) If you want to use Sophos Central to manage Mac endpoints that are already encrypted with FileVault, you need to apply a Sophos Central Device Encryption policy to these endpoints.
  • Why Need to Encrypt Mac Files? All vital files stored inside a computer including Mac need to be.
  • MacOS / Mac OS X - PGP (Symantec) macOS / Mac OS X - PointSec (Check Point Software) Windows - BitLocker. Click on the Start Menu at the bottom-left corner. Click on Control Panel. Click on BitLocker Drive Encryption. Under BitLocker Drive Encryption - Hard Disk Drives, if you see the following text: Windows (C:) On, then your hard drive is.

The problem is until recently there was no way to ensure the security of the data on a Mac laptop. The National Institute of Health, for instance, recently banned Mac laptop users from working on sensitive data of any kind, because the inability to ensure the protection of important clinical and patient data left NIH at risk for a data security breach.

But PGP's Whole Disk Encryption changes that. The software encrypts disks using AES 256-bit encryption keys, and the software is fully validated to comply with FIPS-140-2 standards. This federal cryptographic standard is required by government agencies, and many corporations and foreign governments also follow these standards. Once the boot disk is encrypted, the system will require a pre-boot username and password to even boot the machine. In addition, Whole Disk Encryption can automatically encrypt any removable media, be it FireWire or USB hard disk or the ubiquitous—and easily misplaced or stolen—flash drive.

Disk Encryption Mac Os X

The great thing about this level of security is that it can be managed via PGP's Universal Server management console. So once a security policy is determined, it can be managed for all Windows, Linux, and Mac clients via a single interface. Dasher says, 'From a technology perspective encryption and data security is pretty straightforward. What's hard is doing that for thousands of users.' He notes that IBM recently deployed PGP Whole Disk Encryption for over 350,000 laptops, and it's all managed by PGP Universal Server. In addition to managing security policy and managing encryption keys, Universal Server also allows easy auditing to make sure data is secure. And, the Universal Server can create one-time-use emergency decryption keys for use in the case of a forgotten password or for necessary e-discovery purposes.

The PGP Encryption Platform offers a complete framework for managed data security.

Though the Windows version has allowed pre-boot authentication for about three years, by taking advantage of BIOS, Dasher says 'Mac pre-boot wasn't a priority because customer demand wasn't there.' But a little over a year ago, he said, 'We were getting more requests for our customers for Mac pre-boot.' Because Intel-based Macs use EFI instead of BIOS to manage the boot process, however, it took PGP some time to engineer a method to work in that environment. 'We've been making Mac products for a long time, since the early 90s. We wanted to make sure the product worked seamlessly with the Mac OS. I have to tell you, being a Mac user myself, I've been wanting this product really badly.'

With Apple making a push into the enterprise with the updated iPhone OS expected this month, will PGP support encryption for iPhone? 'The existing OS isn't capable of doing whole-device encryption. We're going to WWDC to see what's possible. We're hoping this is possible,' Dasher said. He also mentioned that BlackBerry was able to use the PGP Encryption Platform SDK to write support for device encryption into their OS. Such support might be something Apple would consider as well. 'Either way would make us happy,' said Dasher.

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'The great thing about the PGP Encryption Platform is that the same code, the same application, can be used for for either managed or unmanaged disk encryption,' said Dasher. So, an individual can install PGP Whole Disk Encryption for personal use, and could later be managed if needs changed. And likewise, should an option to encrypt iPhone become available, the support can be plugged into the platform for management via the Universal Server.

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The updated version of Whole Disk Encryption for Mac with be available in July, starting at $120 per license. With the recent announcement of full-disk encryption software from Check Point, this announcement from PGP gives enterprises at least two options for locking down and managing Mac laptops that have become de rigueur with not only 'creatives' but IT, R&D, and executives. Such options elevate the Mac to a first-class citizen in enterprise, and its users should (hopefully) no longer be relegated to restrictions on data use.