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Mac Photos app is an amazing photo management tool. You can use it to organize your photos into albums, browse them in a stylish gallery, edit your images, and share them with family and friends. But because Photos is so much fun to use, it’s easy to clutter it with stuff you don’t really want to be there - duplicates and similar shots of the same subject. Duplicate Photo Cleaner will help you clean up your Mac Photos albums in no time

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. A powerful, easy to use duplicate image finder and cleaner software that. Duplicate Photo Cleaner is the only image similarity finder that works equally well on Windows and Mac. No matter which operating system you use, you can be absolutely sure that no duplicate photos will go unnoticed even if they hide in Adobe Lightroom, Mac Photos, or on. With Duplicate Photo Cleaner, you can detect duplicate or similar photos on your computer in seconds. Intelligently designed, the fast scan compares photos as a human would, but with the added speed of a machine. It looks for similarities between your pictures and easily finds duplicate photos.

How Your Albums Become Cluttered

Unlike your ordinary Mac folders, the Photos app does a pretty good job at helping you to keep your albums clean. For a start, it blocks duplicate imports, which is very helpful if you forget what you’ve uploaded and try to upload the same photos twice. The app also provides a very good visual experience, letting you spot low-quality shots of the same subject.

However, if you import a lot of pictures on a regular basis, it’s easy to lose track of things and end up with a lot of similar images you’ll need to sort through manually. That takes a lot of time and often people leave it till later, then forget all about the similars altogether. The result: you end up with a bloated and cluttered Photos library.

How to Find Duplicates and Similars in Mac Photos

Duplicate Photo Cleaner is a smart Mac app that will help you clean up your Photos albums automatically.

  1. Download and install Duplicate Photo Cleaner on your Mac
  2. Open the app and select “Photos Scan” from the Scan Modes drop-down menu
  3. DPC will prompt you to add your main Photos library and then select the albums you want to scan
  4. Click on the Start Scan button and wait for DPC to do its job. You can pause and resume the scan at your convenience.
  5. When the scan is complete0lete, you will be presented with a summary screen. From there, you can either proceed to the next step or save the scan results to a file for later use.
  6. Examine the scan result0lts using Multiviewer. It’s the best way to review duplicates in Photos at a glance and batch-select the files you want to remove.
  7. If you want to review the images in more detail, use the View menu to switch to Table or Tree mode
  8. When you’ve selected all the photos you want to remove, click on the Delete button. DPC will put the duplicates and similarы into an album called “DPC Trash”
  9. Now go to Photos and delete everything from the “DPC Trash” album

Free Duplicate Photo Finder Mac

Now your Photos app will be a lot more organized and you’ll be able to browse your albums faster.

Remember to use Duplicate Photo Cleaner to find duplicates in Photos and remove them on a regular basis. That way you’ll avoid clutter and keep your albums in good shape.

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/Duplicate Finder /The Best Duplicate Photo Finder on Mac in 2020

I’m a professional photographer that loves taking pictures of landscapes. I have gone to almost every country to capture the beautiful sceneries of various locations.
I know that I capture almost identical photos and only one or two of these photos get to be the last pick. How do I remove duplicate photos on my Mac without taking too much time?

You’re in the right place. Today, I will introduce the best duplicate photo finder Mac 2020 you can use to quickly delete duplicate photos on Mac.

Sound good? Let's dive right in...

Article GuidePart 1. Why Do I Have So Many Duplicate Photos on My Mac?Part 2. What Is the Best Duplicate Photo Finder for Mac?Part 3. How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone?Part 4. In Conclusion

Part 1. Why Do I Have So Many Duplicate Photos on My Mac?

In this age, cameras are taking over most people’s lives. People take pictures and shoot videos of almost anything that comes across, including every moment of their lives. And because of this, hard drives get taken over by photos.

A lot of these captured photos are very similar to each other. Sometimes, they are even duplicates. Most photographers shoot one image or moment for about 10-15 times before they are even satisfied. Then, they select one photo out of these 10-15 for editing. This means they have 9-14 images that they will never use. And that’s just for one photo.

You must think this is okay. Even though your Mac’s storage space isn’t unlimited, you can simply buy an external hard drive. Or, you can opt for purchasing a larger cloud storage space. When you ponder about what would happen in the long run, you will definitely realize that you will need A HUGE AMOUNT of storage space since you won’t stop taking pictures anyway.

Sometimes, we don’t realize that we have made multiple copies of the same file just because we can’t remember what we did in the past. Being organized is really hard for most people and sometimes we just don’t have the time to stay on top of things.

So, here maybe some of the reasons why you need the best duplicate photo finder Mac 2020:

  1. You will take more and more photos on Mac to remember your life and duplicates accrued.
  2. You need more storage space on your Mac to save the pictures you take.
  3. You don’t realize that you have made multiple copies of the same file just because you can’t remember what you did in the past.

So, what’s the solution for this? First, you can manually sift through your photos. Second, A duplicate photo finder tool!

Tip: If you want more storage space on your Mac, you can remove your Mac purgeable space by clicking this link: https://www.imymac.com/mac-cleaner/mac-purgeable.html.

Part 2. What Is the Best Duplicate Photo Finder for Mac?

So , what's the best duplicate photo finder for Mac? We'll show you about iMyMac Mac Cleaner's Duplicate Finder - The best duplicate photo finder Mac 2020.

There are a lot of tools out there that help you find duplicate files on your Mac. But why we recommend iMyMac is that it scans your entire device for duplicate files and makes a byte-to-byte comparison to check whether they are identical or not. It is even able to discover duplicate content regardless of the filename. Then it will help you remove the duplicates so that you can have your Mac cleaned.

Key features of the this Duplicate File Finder Mac include the following:

1. Robust Search Tool

With its powerful search tool, you are able to find duplicate files even though they have different file names. Your entire device is scanned to make sure nothing is missed.

2. Can Be Used On Different File Types

This Duplicate Finder doesn’t find duplicate images alone. It can also be used to scan videos, music, and documents, among others.

3. Selectivity

The tool will display various duplicate files located on your device. As a user of this tool, you are able to preview items before deletion. You can even sort out the files on various characteristics such as size, time, etc.

4. Free Trial

The Mac Cleaner can be used for free for the first 500MB. You can use this to free up your Mac of the duplicate files before purchasing the actual tool.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to delete duplicate photos on Mac with this best duplicate photo finder Mac 2020:

  1. Launch iMyMac Mac Cleaner on Your Mac
  2. Start Scanning Duplicate Files on Your Mac
  3. Select Duplicate Photos to Delete

Step 1. Launch iMyMac Mac Cleaner on Your Mac

Download iMyMac Mac Cleaner and open it on your device. Now, go to the left side of the program and click “Duplicate Finder.”

Step 2. Start Scanning Duplicate Files on Your Mac

Click “Scan.” Wait until the program has finished scanning your entire device. The result of the scan will show the percentage of file types with duplicates.

Step 3. Select Duplicate Photos to Delete

Click on one of the file types where there are duplicate files. In this case, we will be clicking “Picture”. Skim through all the files. Select the duplicates, the ones you would want to be removed from your Mac. Click “Clean” to get rid of duplicate photos on Mac.

Duplicate Cleaner For Mac Photos

Take note that aside from pictures, you can also use iMyMac Mac Cleaner’s Duplicate Finder to find duplicate videos, music, documents, and other file types. It's actually the best duplicate photo finder Mac 2020 for you.

Part 3. How to Delete Duplicate Photos on iPhone?

Mac Photos Duplicate Remover

You can manually check all the photos on your iPhone to see which ones are duplicates. This can be a pain in the ass.

However, if you prefer this option, then it’s best to do it or have someone do it for you. Here’s how to delete duplicate photos on iPhone manually:

  1. Go to the Photos application on your iPhone.
  2. Open a particular album.
  3. Check out all of your images that are similar to each other. Delete the duplicate ones and choose one or two best image(s) out of all these similar ones. Keep the image that is worth keeping.
  4. Do this for all photos and for all albums within your iPhone.

Usually, when you take a particular photo of an image, you do multiple shots at multiple times in an interval of milliseconds. This means, the similar photos have the same filename and can be seen alongside each other.

Part 4. In Conclusion

Photos Duplicate Cleaner For Mac

This digital age bred the popularity of taking photos and videos. With high-resolution cameras at almost every person’s disposal, one cannot get rid of the fact that one image can result in multiple copies in your device whether it be a Windows PC, a Mac, or a digital camera.

Fortunately, for MAC users, iMyMac Mac Cleaner’s Duplicate Finder can be the best duplicate photo finder Mac 2020 that be used to find duplicate or similar images on your Mac and free up your much-needed storage space.

This best duplicate file finder for Mac only takes a few clicks to go through the entire process. Now, enhancing the space and performance of your Mac is made easier through iMyMac’s tools.

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Photo Duplicate Removal Software Mac

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Duplicate Cleaner For Mac Photos

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