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Mac timer is compatible with El Capitan and newer. Create your account and start tracking!

Download FREE timer here: For iOS: For Android: This countdown. What a great looking timer! I think the only options (that are already listed above) to help make it the end all be all of timers would be the ability to edit seconds in the MAC/PC versions and the ability to change the screen to a yellow “warning color” when reaching a certain amount of time left.

I track hundreds of hours throughout the month using Toggl Track. Its system is simple to use and flexible. Hands down the best tracking system I’ve used to date. – User Review from Mac App Store

Toggl Track Desktop adapts to your workflow

Our timer on Macbook and Mac runs in the background, so you can stay focused on getting things done.


No navigating browser tabs here. Toggl Track Desktop plays nice with your team’s internal software without disrupting your workflow.

Click and forget. Idle detection and automatic reminders keep you focused and your data clean.

#1 time tracker in User Satisfaction according to G2 Crowd.

Features to help you track time easily

Time Entries

Timer Download Mac

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Simple Time Tracking

One-click timer and manual entry mode with autocomplete to start your time entries quickly.

Offline Mode

Lost your internet connection? All data will be saved and synced when you come back online!

Dark Mode

Take it easy on your eyes with soothing greys.


Track your background activity for more accurate time entries. Currently only available for Mac.

Idle Detection

Choose what to do with the time you were away from your computer.

Enabling desktop notifications helps me reduce procrastination whenever I’m not tracking my time.'
– User Review from Capterra


Select days and times for the app to remind you to track your time.

I love that Toggl Track will give me reminders to track time! It's really helped me stay consistent!'
– User Review from GetApp


Trigger time entry suggestions based on the software you're currently using.

It’s such an easy way to automatically track your time so you aren't fussing with buttons, etc.'
– User Review from GetApp

Pomodoro Timer

Set up the pomodoro timer and get a nudge at preset time intervals to take a break. Stretch, meditate, or take the dog for a walk.

Track Time Offline

Lost your internet connection? No worries. Toggl Track Desktop saves your time entries and syncs them when you come back online!

Free Countdown Timer For Mac

One-click Tracking

Start and stop with one click! Your default project will automatically be assigned to your time entry.

Menu Bar Display

The timer and project are displayed in your menu bar, so you'll always know how much time you are currently tracking.

Dark Mode

Take it easy on your eyes with dark mode. All the cool kids are doing it.


Quickly see where you actually spend your time with a side-by-side overview of automatically-tracked activity vs your current time entries.

It's easy to get started with Toggl Track's timer app for Mac

Step 1: Login to the Toggl Track Mac Timer. Create your Toggl Track account to get started. Haven't downloaded Toggl Track Desktop for Mac yet?

Step 2: Create your first time entry by entering the name of the activity you are working on.

Step 3: Assign your time entry to a project by clicking “+ Add Project” under the running time entry. Projects are useful for grouping related time entries. You can also add tags to your time entries. Tags are useful for filtering time entries or grouping similar entries across multiple projects.

Step 4: Switch to the Timeline View to get a visual overview of your daily time entries. Edit the entries' start and stop times by dragging them, add additional tags, and add or change the project from within the Timeline.

Toggl Track is not just on your desktop

Toggl Track follows you from your desktop to your phone to your browser. No matter where you start tracking, Toggl Track syncs your data in real time so you don't lose a second.

Track Time wherever you Go

Toggl Track is always with you with our mobile app. Start tracking from anywhere and your time will sync across Toggl Track apps.

Full Access with Toggl Track Online

Track time in our web app and review in-depth time reports or leverage project templates, dashboards, and time estimates.

Track Time Inside Your Daily Tools

Use Toggl Track’s browser plugin to track from inside tools like Asana, Gmail, Todoist, Zendesk, and more!


Toggl Track has become embedded in my daily routine. I use it on my Linux laptop, Windows desktop, Chrome browser, and Android phone. And the experience across all of these platforms is very intuitive and in near perfect sync.

– User Review from Capterra

Start tracking time with Toggl Track Desktop

Toggl Track’s timer on Mac is compatible with El Capitan and newer. Create an account and start tracking!

Timer download mac

Need help? Find in-depth tutorials and FAQs for Toggl Track Desktop for Mac in our Knowledge Base.

Sleep timer software performs shutting down of computer at a particular time either using a countdown timer or through scheduling for shut down. They allow executing some specific functions before shut down and they also allow resetting the timer just before shutting down the computer.


They can also turn off monitors or put the system into sleep mode. To know more about their varieties one can search Google using “sleep timer iphone”, “sleep timer spotify”, “sleep timer apk” or “sleep timer windows 7”.


This incredible sleep timer software makes the computer to shut down or go to sleep mode based on the settings for countdown. It allows mentioning to execute a custom AppleScript when countdown reaches zero. It helps listening soft music in the bed and not worrying about shutting down the system.

Final Countdown

This is simple and easy-to-use sleep timer software which helps either to shut down or put the system to sleep mode by setting timer. It can give notifications before shutting down so that one can reset the timer. It comes with many themes which are customizable. It can clean the system before shut down.


This is simple sleep timer software which performs shut down of the computer at a specific time. It comes with easy setting timer and allows saving contents from memory to hard disk before shut down process. It can also put the system into sleep mode and it is easy to install.

Other Sleep Timer Software For Different Platforms

There is a numerous of sleep timer software available for various versions. Since these sleep timer software works based on the platform that they are using one should confirm and make sure for compatibility. For example, there are sleep timer software that are specifically meant for windows, android, Linux and Mac Os, etc. platforms.

Best Sleep Timer Software For Windows – SleepTimer

This easy-to-use sleep timer software enables to shut down or restart the system at a specified time or for a specified action like a user-input. It comes with simple drop down menus to configure and countdown timer is also available. It does not write to system registry and does not occupy system resources.

Best Sleep Timer Software For Mac – Timer

This is professional sleep timer software which comes with stop watch, alarm clock and timer. It comes with easy-to-use and easy to understand interface. It allows executing programmable scripts like launch an application, speak a message, announce time and many more. It allows setting alarm format as 12 hour or 24 hour.

Best Sleep Timer Software For Linux – GShutdown

This is advanced sleep timer software which enables scheduling shut down or restart the computer automatically. It allows executing command to shut down the system. It comes with system tray icon for providing notifications. It comes with best graphical user interface. It allows setting timer in three different modes; on a particular date and time, based on counter or immediate shut down.

Mac Countdown Timer

Best Sleep Timer Software For Android – Sleep Timer

This sleep timer software comes with intuitive interface which allows setting timer to stop any action like playing music thus preventing draining of battery of the smart phone. It turns off the music by gradually lowering the music volume. It allows extending the timer by gently shaking the smart phone.

More Great Sleep Timer Software For Windows, Mac, Linux and Android Platforms

For windows version some of the sleep timer software is “Free Desktop Timer”, “ForOffPC”, “Win Shutdown Timer”, “VisiTimer” and “Vector Clocks”. For Mac Os version some of the sleep timer software is “Focus Booster”, “GoodNight” and “iSleep”. “CookTimer” and “Qshutdown” are some of the sleep timer software for Linux version. “Super Simple Sleep Timer”, “Cool timer” and “Music Off” are some of the sleep timer software for android application.

Free Timer For Macbook Pro

Most Popular Sleep Timer Software for 2016 is Auto Shutdown Free

Countdown Timer Free Download For Mac

This is most handy sleep timer software and it is also freeware. It enables shut down the system, turn off monitor, lock the system and restart the system for a scheduled time. It allows setting multiple schedules tasks. It allows cleaning unwanted files from the system. It is available in 66 languages.

What is Sleep Timer Software?

Sleep timer software helps performing many actions like shutting down the system or produce alerts based on the timer settings or allow scheduling tasks. They come with excellent user interface and they are simple to use. They allow restarting the timer just before performing scheduled task.

They allow executing program scripts automatically using countdown timers. They also come in multi-languages and can provide system tray notifications and allow customizing notification icon. To find more varieties of sleep timer software one can search Google using “sleep timer ipad”, “mac sleep timer”, “sleep timer iphone app” or “sleep timer windows 7 gadget”.

How To Install Sleep Timer Software?

Sleep timer software installation instructions are provided along with installable files by the software vendor and one can check them and do the installation with care and perform any setup required for software.

One can verify the vendor website and check for instructions provided for installation or take the help of the customer care for any doubts related to install the software.

Benefits Of Sleep Timer Software

With change in technology innovations sleep timer software are no more just do shutting down the system. They can produce alert messages, they can perform speak a message and announce time loudly. They enable to execute scripts to send notifications and emails just before closing the computer. They allow setting alerts to remind for important events like birthday or wedding anniversary.

They come with many features like alarm clock, stop watch and allow customizing user interface themes. They allow setting time zone and provide more skins for customization. They protect the system from being misused by intruders by locking it after performing some important function like backup operation.

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