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Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. If you are looking for an easy-to-use and powerful GIF screen recorder. VideoGIF for Mac. VideoGIF for Mac is a simple and versatile video to GIF editor that enables you to create funny GIFs by trimming any part of videos/movies.Its basic tool set and intuitive controls make it easier than ever to go from video clip to animated GIF in a just few short steps. From MovieLaLa: Gif Maker is a straightforward desktop app that streamlines the process of creating GIFs for users for personal or business purposes. The best part about this GIF maker is the ease.

Animated GIF:

Online GIF maker

GIF maker allows you to instantly create your own animated GIFs by combining separated image files as frames.Produced GIFs are of high quality and free of watermarks or attribution, making this tool ideal for developers and content creators.

To make a GIF, you can upload a sequence of GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, HEIC and other types of images, ZIP archive with images, and even mix together different formats and sizes - they will be converted automatically.You can also upload animated GIF, WebP or APNG images, they will be split and delay times preserved. That way GIF maker can also be used to edit, shorten or merge together existing GIFs.

How to make a GIF?

Press the 'Choose files' button above and select the images you want to use as frames.
You can press and hold ctrl/command key to select multiple files.

When the images are uploaded, you can adjust animation speed and frame order before making the GIF.
After generating the GIF, you can resize, crop, and optimize it or use any of the other tools we provide.

Tips for GIF creation

  • You can control the speed for the whole GIF by setting a 'Delay time' at the bottom,or adjust the delay for individual frames with a 'Delay' input box right next to each frame.
    Delay time is one hundredths (1/100) of a second between frames - a bigger value causes animation to appear slower.
    It's not advisable to set delay time lower than 2, because some browsers will ignore such values and default to slower animation speed.
  • By default, all frames will be sorted in alphabetical order by filename (and will keep the original order if you upload existing animation), you can drag and drop them inside GIF animator area to rearrange.
  • Enable 'Crossfade frames' option, if you want to create smooth, fading transition between images. Useful for crating photo slideshows.Greater 'Frame count' and shorter 'Fader delay' parameters will result in smoother animation,but will significantly increase file size, because the GIF maker have to generate more additional framesbetween each of the original frames. Play around with those values to find the balance for your needs.
  • If you upload differently sized images, 2 additional options will appear: to automatically resize and crop them all to match the smallest dimensions, or to choose the alignment (e.g. top-left or center). You can also manually enter top/left coordinates in pixels for each frame.
  • If you want to create GIF images from video, use the Video to GIF tool instead.
  • To make a GIF out of sprite sheet, use sprite cutter tool.

Create High Quality Animated GIFs

Free Mac Movie Maker Download

Adapter easily exports animated GIFs from videos, image sequences, YouTube downloads and other sources. It gives you full control over the output resolution, framerate, playback speed, trim and more. With the file size estimator and preview panel, tweaking the settings to create the perfect GIF is easy.

Create Animated GIF Memes

Once you've got the basics down for creating animated GIFs with Adapter, just add a text layer or two and you've got an animated meme. Because Adapter doesn't force watermarks, restrict resolution or control your frame rate you can create professional GIFs and memes every time.

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Free Animated Gif Maker For Mac

Best gif maker for mac

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Adapter's GIF Maker Beats the Competition

Gif Maker Mac Os

Competitor A
Free & Paid Version
Competitor B
Free Version
(Only Version)
PlatformsOnlinePC OnlyMac & PC
Video Source SupportYesYesYes
Image Sequence Source SupportNoNoYes
Max Source Video SizeFree: 35 MB
Paid: 70 MB
No LimitNo Limit
Dynamic PreviewNoNoYes
Max FramesFree: 50
Paid: 100
No LimitNo Limit
Max FPSFree: 15
Paid: Unknown
20No Limit
Max ResolutionFree: 360x260
Paid: Unlimited
UnlimitedNo Limit
Max Output SizeFree: 3.5 MB
Paid: 7 MB
No LimitUnlimited
Supports Text OverlayYesNoYes
Supports Image OverlayNoNoYes
Forced WatermarkFree: Yes
Paid: No
Max Video LengthFree: 10 Seconds
Paid: 40 Seconds
No LimitNo Limit
Spammy AdvertisementFree: Yes
Paid: No
Fast Desktop AppNoYesYes
Image Layer SupportNoneNoneYes
PriceFree: $0
Paid: $120/year