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Today we are providing Instagram for PC or windows 7/8/XP computer. Instagram is a nice android app which lets you edit your photos in a great way. But its more than just a simple editor, it’s a kind of social networking and is really popular that’s why Facebook bought it. It’s a nice concept to edit and share your photos on Instagram, it has great effects, I use it almost every day and I am addicted to it. Isn’t this awesome? Instagram is so popular among Android and iOS users. So I thought it would be nice if you could use Instagram on PC, So today you will learn how to download Instagram for PC and make it work? So use the following method to download and install Instagram on PC. You can also download the following Android apps for PC.

Instagram For Mac Pc Emulator

Flume is a simple app for Mac OS users that you can get on the official developer’s website. It allows you to do everything that you usually do in the Instagram app: search for the posts, check the feed, like and comment posts, and, of course, add your photos, videos, and carousel posts.

  1. While there's no official Instagram for Mac app available to download, users of the social network do have the option of heading to on a Mac. The basic web app gives you access to.
  2. Scheduling From Desktop. The easiest way to post to Instagram from PC or Mac is with a.

How to download Instagram for PC?

There are two methods to download Instagram for PC and you can use any one of them. So go for the method which suits best to you.

Method 1 to Download Instagram for PC

Instagram for mac pc desktop

You need to download the apk file of app first if you want to go with method 1; you can download Instagram apk file from anywhere on the internet. There are many sites providing Instagram apk file download. So if you want to proceed with method 1, you will have to download the apk file of Instagram. Go to any site like apkmania and appsapk and download the apk file of Instagram if you want to install Instagram on PC.


Instagram For Mac Pc Windows 10

Method 2 to Download Instagram for PC

You can skip method 1 if you want to go with this method. In this method you don’t have to download apk file of Instagram but instead you will require an internet connection while installing Instagram on PC or Windows PC otherwise you will not be able to install Instagram for PC (Windows 7 or Mac computer). So do whatever you want. Skip this step if you don’t want to download apk file of Instagram and proceed further.

How to Install Instagram on PC?

Now you need to download an android emulator. You can try BlueStacks, IntelAppUp or YouWave but I suggest you to download BlueStacks. BlueStacks is emulator software for windows and Mac which lets you play Android apps on PC. Read our post about how to install and run Android apps on PC. Download BlueStacks from below link.

After downloading BlueStacks, install in on your PC as you install other software or applications. Now there are 2 methods to install Instagram for PC or computer.

Method 1 to Install Instagram on PC

You can install Instagram on PC by using the apk file if – in step 1 you have chosen method 1; i.e. by downloading the apk files of Instagram. You need to use the apk file that you have downloaded in step 1 from internet. So go to that file, open that with BlueStacks (simply double click or right click on file, select open with and select BlueStacks) and it will be installed on your PC automatically.

Method 2 to Install Instagram on PC

However if you have chosen method 2 in step 1 and skipped the download then open the BlueStacks app and search for Instagram for PC by typing the exact keyword “Instagram” in the search bar. You will need an internet connection for that. After searching, you will get the results. Now, install Instagram by clicking on it. Now you have successfully installed Instagram for PC.

How to run Instagram on PC or computer?

It’s really easy to run Instagram after installing it on your PC. To run Instagram for PC you will need to navigate to the file and it is simple. Just go to the folder named “apps” and you will find Instagram in that folder. Then double click on Instagram to launch the app. If you can’t find the “apps” folder, simply search “apps” in start menu.

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