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The native dark theme on Ubuntu 20.04 looks really good. But, ever since I have moved back from PopOS, I have been experimenting a lot with icon packs, GNOME extensions, and desktop themes. To put it, here are the best Ubuntu themes for Ubuntu 20.04.

Windows 10 Theme. Feels quite strange that I am starting with a Windows 10 theme for your.

  1. I would like to set the Max OS X Terminal theme for Ubuntu Terminal. I really like the fonts and the colors. This is how the Mac Terminal does look: Image source. There are few things that I want to see in the Ubuntu Terminal: I want to replace [email protected]:/Dropbox$ with the username and the computer name in this format: desktop:Dropbox.
  2. Apple Mac OS Theme for Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse Linux We have already told you about 4 elegant Apple Macintosh themes for Windows 7 and Vista. The Mac4Lin project brings the aqua User Interface of Apple's Macintosh OS Linux Operating Systems such as Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Debian and others.

Best Ubuntu Themes

How to install themes

Before we begin with the list, it’s important to understand how themes work on Ubuntu. For instance, changing the theme in Ubuntu changes 3 things.

  • Icons – File Explorer icons, Launcher icons, etc
  • GTK – Looks of an app window
  • Shell – Top bar, desktop notifications, activity overview, etc.

There are 3 basic ways to install a theme. You can either install it via the terminal or as a deb package. Additionally, few themes are available as archive files. You can download the archive files and transfer the icons and themes to “~/.icons” and “~/.themes” directory respectively.

In order to change themes, you would need to install the “gnome-tweaks” package and User Themes extension.

To completely apply a theme on your desktop, you have to change the 3 following options in GNOME tweaks.

Osx Theme For Kubuntu

Debian mac theme

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1. Arc Theme

Arc Theme is the most popular theme for Ubuntu. It provides 3 different looks – Arc, Arc-Darker, Arc-Dark. I really liked the Arc-Darker theme which is a mix and match of the dark and light theme. Arc-Dark isn’t exactly black but a darker shade of Navy Blue. It doesn’t work well on the GNOME shell and leaves the calendar in a white patch. Additionally, you don’t get an icon pack with it, so you would have to rely on third-party icon packs.

If you are someone who prefers the light theme instead of dark, Arc Theme is a good option.

Installation Command:

2. Pop

I recently moved back to Ubuntu from PopOS and I carried back the theme with me. The icons, shell, wallpapers are too good to leave. You can download the wallpapers from this link. I prefer the PopOS dark mode over Yaru and the shell is much refined. For instance, the notifications stacked up have much more padding between them.

Unlike Arc, the Pop theme is continuously updated due to the PopOS.

Installation Command:

3. McMojave

Mac Theme For Kde

McMojave is the exact theme if you crave for that macOS look. In order to install McMojave, you would have to download the archive from the link below, extract it and then move it to the “~/.themes” directory. Once done, restart GNOME by giving an Alt+F2, type r, and hit Enter.

To complement McMojave, you would need the “La Capitaine” icon theme. Similar to McMojave, you would need to download, extract the archive, and move it to the “~/.icons” directory. Once done, choose the icon theme and you would have Mojave-style icon packs. Additionally, you can download the Mojave OS wallpapers for the final touch.

If you want to replicate the Mojave wallpaper dynamic theme, we have a detailed article on how to do it.

Download McMojave & La Capitaine Icon

4. Materia

Materia is another popular theme for Ubuntu. I liked the Materia-dark-compact theme which makes the Windows Titlebars pretty concise. Another small nuance is the ripple effect. In Materia, if you click on a button or an option, it gives a subtle ripple effect on the selected area.

Installation Command:

5. Vimix

Vimix Theme is based on the popular Materia theme. You would have to download both the archive files for the Vimix theme and the Vimix icon pack. Next, you just have to extract and run the “” script file in the terminal.

Vimix, unlike other themes, provides a huge number of options. You have approximately 15+ themes ranging from teal to ruby, beryl, etc. I liked the nuances in the Vimix theme. For instance, when you hover past the dropdown menus, there’s a shadow trail giving you the feel of motion blur. I did like that!

Download Vimix Theme & Vimix Icon Pack

6. Ant

Ant is a plain flat theme for Ubuntu 20.04. In case you are more into the light theme, Ant is a fantastic theme to go by. Ant only supports GTK and GNOME shell. Hence, you might have to go with a third-party icon pack. I loved the blood accent on the white theme.

Ubuntu 20.04 mac theme

Download Ant

7. Sweet

Sweet is the fanciest theme in this list. Rock with it with an icon pack like Candy or Luv and you would have a colorful desktop to look at. I loved the neon-pink accent to the Sweet dark theme. Apart from that, you get a Sweet (light) and Sweet Mars theme. Similar to McMojave, you would have to download and move the extracted archive to the “~/.themes” directory.


Mac Theme For Ubuntu

Download Sweet

8. Cloudy

Cloudy is a good GTK theme sitting right in between the light and dark themes. It has 8 different variants that provide a combination of dark, light theme with blue and brown accents. I like that it draws a line between the icons and file-labels to make it look like a 3-pane window.

Although Cloudy does have a shell theme, it’s showing its age. It doesn’t look good with the DND and calendar on the notification shade. You’d be better of using the default Yaru shell.

Installation Command:

9. Nordic

Nordic is a minimal dark theme based on the Nord color palette. You can complement it with a blue color icon theme and a white flashy background for a minimal look.

Download Nordic Theme

10. Layan

Layan is an interesting take to Ubuntu themes. It turns every sharp corner on the desktop to rounded corners. Although Layan has options for both dark and light themes, I particularly liked the light theme more. Similar to Materia, you get a ripple effect when you click on an option.

Installation command:

11. Flat Remix GNOME

Flat Remix GNOME is a gorgeous looking theme with its own icon pack, GTK, GNOME shell theme, and wallpapers. You have a lot to choose from. I really liked the Flat-Remix-Miami theme. It brings a lot of subtle yet poppy colors to the shell. Another subtle change is that the theme makes the Topbar transparent. This really makes your desktop look slightly bigger. The theme also adds extra drop-shadow to the windows and dropdowns.

Installation command:

12. Adapta

Adapta is another popular theme for GNOME desktops. You can directly install it from the Ubuntu store or apt repository. The theme is being regularly updated but the GNOME shell theme’s a bit wonky. Similar to Arc, it left a white patch on the calendar in the notification shade. However, you can still combine it with the default Ubuntu GNOME shell theme and it’s good to go.

Mac Theme For Kubuntu

Installation Command:

13. Lumiere

Similar to Ant, Lumiere is a fantastic light theme. I could find a GitHub repo with a whole bunch of different themes. It also has a dark edition called Fantome. You can clone the repo and see what suits your need. The themes don’t have a shell and icon theme. So, you would be better of going with Yaru as shell and Yaru icon pack.

Installation Command:

Closing Words

Make Ubuntu Look Like Mac

I mostly switch between the Vimix dark and the Pop Dark theme. Let me know what you use.

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Give Ubuntu 14.04 a makeover. Transform Ubuntu 14.04 into Mac OS X. Zukimac is a GTK 3 theme which can transform your Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop look like MAC. Zukimac is free to download and provides support for both GTK 3.10 and GTK 3.12. Please note that it does not include an Mac OS X icon theme similar to Apple.

How to Install Mac OS X Theme (Zukimac Theme) on Ubuntu 14.04

  • Install Mac OS X Theme (Zukimac Theme) For Ubuntu 14.04 from the download link given below:
  • Extract the You will find two directories in there, Zukimac and Zukimac-ml. Copy the contents of the downloaded folder to .themes directory in your home directory. If you cannot see .themes directory, go to Home and press Ctrl+H to show all the hidden folders. Ifyou don’t find any .themes folder here, please create one.
  • Now open the Unity Tweak Tool and change the theme of Ubunutu 14.04. Open the Unity Tweak Tool. Click on Theme under Appearance section and select the Mac OS X Theme (Zukimac Theme).

Further changes to get Mac feel in Ubuntu 14.04

Install Mac OS X icon set

Icon theme: Feanza


How to use a new icon set in Ubuntu 14.04:

You can install a new icon set in two ways – adding a PPA or download the compressed icon file and extract it to ~/.icons folder. If you cannot find ~/.icons folder, create one using the following command:

By default, the icons extracted in the ~/.icons directory are only available to the current user. Extract the icons to /usr/share/icons folder to make it available to all users.

Once installed, you can set an icon set using Unity Tweak Tool. If you haven’t installed Unity Tweak Tool, run the following command to install Unity Tweak Tool:


Once installed, open the Unity Tweak Tool. Click on Icons under Appearance section and select an icon set.

Install dock launcher like Plank or Docky.

Install Synapse indicator as an alternative of Mac Spotlight.

Linux Mac Os Theme

Install Slingscold launcher, alternative of Mac OS X launchpad.