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  • Starting and Exiting Nikon Transfer 2

Is Nikon Transfer 2 selected in the Mac OS Image Capture application (Mac OS only)? If you want Nikon Transfer 2 to start automatically when the camera is connected, start Image Capture and select Nikon Transfer 2 for the default application to launch. CDs and DVDs cannot be selected as transfer destinations. Nikon Transfer 2 cannot be used. Nikon ViewNX 2 is a third party application that provides additional functionality to OS X system and enjoys a popularity among Mac users. However, instead of installing it by dragging its icon to the Application folder, uninstalling Nikon ViewNX 2 may need you to.

Starting Nikon Transfer 2

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By starting Nikon Transfer 2, you can transfer images and movies to your computer. Nikon Transfer 2 can be started only if it has already been installed.
The windows that are displayed, the names of menu items, and the operation procedures may vary depending on the OS and version that you are using. For details, refer to the user's manual provided with your computer or OS.
Nikon viewnx 2 per mac

Starting from the desktop

If you want to start Nikon Transfer 2 independently, start it from the icon on the desktop.
  1. Windows: Double-click the [Nikon Transfer 2] icon on the desktop.
    Mac OS: Click the [Nikon Transfer 2] icon in 'Dock'.

Starting from the [Start] menu (Windows)

  1. Open [Nikon Transfer 2] in the [Start] menu.
  1. Click [Nikon Transfer 2].
    Nikon Transfer 2 starts, and the Nikon Transfer 2 window opens.

Starting from the [Applications] folder (Mac OS)

  1. Open the following folders, in the following order: [Applications] - [Nikon Software] - [Nikon Transfer 2].
  1. Double-click the [Nikon Transfer 2] icon.
    Nikon Transfer 2 starts, and the Nikon Transfer 2 window opens.

Starting from Nikon Software Window

Start Nikon Transfer 2 from the ViewNX-i window or Capture NX-D window.
  1. Click on the Output bar.
    • For [ViewNX-i]
    • For [Capture NX-D]
    • Nikon Transfer 2 starts.
You can also configure the settings so that a window for selecting the operation is displayed when the camera or memory card is connected to the computer.
The operation procedures may vary depending on OS or the method of communication between the camera and computer.
For details, refer to 'Connecting Devices and Starting Nikon Transfer 2'.
You cannot start Nikon Transfer 2 when Nikon Transfer (version 1.x), Camera Control Pro series or Thumbnail Selector is already running.

Exiting Nikon Transfer 2

By default, the connection between the camera and computer is automatically terminated and Nikon Transfer 2 automatically closes when file transfer is complete. Turn the camera off and disconnect the USB cable.

Nikon Viewnx 2 Free Download Mac

If Nikon Transfer 2 does not close automatically, exit Nikon Transfer 2 as described below.

Viewnx 2 User Manual

  1. Windows: select [Exit] from the [File] menu.
    Mac OS: select [Quit Nikon Transfer 2] from the [Nikon Transfer 2] menu.
In the following cases, before turning the camera off or disconnecting the USB cable, see 'Removing Devices from the System' and properly terminate the connection.
  • Files are being transferred using a card reader.

Nikon Viewnx 2 Per Mac

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