Osiris Lut For Mac


Color Grading Central - OSIRIS - 3D LUTS (Win/Mac) Categories: Software Optimized for color spaces of all current generation cameras and color grading applications, this collection is an essential tool for filmmakers, cinematographers and colorists who want to speed up their workflow and increase their production value with the organic quality. M31 & OSIRIS Cinema & Film LUTS for Photoshop, AE,Premiere Pro, Resolve and FCP X (Win/Mac) 98 MB Turn your videos into a Hollywood Blockbuster with the click of a button! The Teal and Orange contemporary film look done right!

Hollywood color grading simplified. Take your color game to the next level - in applications you already know and use today.

NEW: Photon™ 3D Color Grading for MacOS, Windows and Resolve. Available now from our partners at color.io

The largest and most advanced Film Emulation Library for Digital Cinema.

Worlds largest LUT Library
3-step Hollywood Grading System
35mm negative and positive emulation

Osiris Lut For Mac Os

Cinematic Looks - redefined with 3D LUT technology. Includes M31 LUT.

For all major editors. Video and Photo.
Instant Blockbuster Looks with any camera.

Battle tested and loved by tens of thousands of filmmakers and photographers: VisionColor / VisionTech color optimization profiles and CineLook / CineTech in-camera cinematic film emulation. Developed to bring better color to your Canon EOS DSLR.

Included Profiles
Osiris Lut For Mac
  • VisionColor - Color Optimization Profile
  • VisionTech - low contrast version of VisionColor
  • CineLook - In-Camera cinematic look profile
  • CineTech - low contrast version of CineLook

More than 2GB of scanned film grain, light leaks and noise sample stock footage to spice up your videos. Apple ProRes™ HQ codec.


  • 35mm AC Film Grain @2K
  • 35mm Perf. Film Grain @2K
  • Super 16 Clean Grain @2K
  • 16mm Vintage Grain @2K
  • 3 Unique Film Burns @2K
  • 3 Light Leaks @1080p

A simple LUT loader - with highly accurate color interpolation. Load and apply any 3D LUTs in all versions of VEGAS Pro, VEGAS Edit & Movie Studio.


Osiris Lut For Mac High Sierra

  • Developed for VEGAS (13 +)
  • Tetrahedral Interpolation
  • Robust OCIO processing
  • Open FX Plugin Standard
  • Instant download from Account.