Paragon Extfs 11 For Mac

extFS for Windows by Paragon Software is a driver that allows you to read and write extFS-formatted files on a Windows-based computer.
extFS is one of the primary Linux file systems. With the driver on board, you can plug extFS storage devices into your PC and access their contents for reading, copying, or modification.


  • Fast read and write access to Linux-formatted HDD, SSD, or flash drives
  • ext2, ext3, and ext4 file systems support
  • Set-and-run operation mode
  • Managed through the Windows system tray or from Windows CMD
  • Support for Linux LVM disks
  • Includes ‘Runs at startup’ and ‘Automount’ features
  • Safe eject ready

Use Cases

Paragon Extfs For Mac 11

Paragon ExtFS for Windows is a special utility which allows you to get full access to Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 file system in Windows. With Paragon ExtFS for Windows, you can work with a Linux native file. Paragon ExtFS for Mac OS X™ is a low-level file system driver specially developed to bridge incompatibility of Linux and Mac OS X by providing full read/write access to the Ext2, Ext3 and Ext4 file systems under Mac OS X. Ased on the Paragon UFSD™ (Universal File System Driver) technology our driver enables to provide fast.

Paragon extfs keygen

PC-extFS volume data exchange

Paragon Extfs 11 For Mac

Paragon Extfs 11 For Macbook Air

A hard drive has been taken out from a Linux-based NAS storage, and you need to copy files to/from this disk under Windows OS.

  • Install our driver
  • Connect this disk via an eSATA connector or USB-to-SATA adapter
  • Files on Linux-native volumes are ready for work.

Open media from extFS volume

To watch movies or open large documents stored on a Linux-native volume from your PC:

  • Install the driver
  • Connect the disk directly to the PC
  • Enjoy your content.


Product Documentation

Download extFS for Windows by Paragon Software User Manual
Download extFS for Windows by Paragon Software One Pager

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