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Activity Monitor User Guide

You can see the amount of system memory being used on your Mac.

  • In the Activity Monitor app on your Mac, click Memory (or use the Touch Bar) to see the following in the bottom of the window:

    • Memory Pressure: Graphically represents how efficiently your memory is serving your processing needs.

      Memory pressure is determined by the amount of free memory, swap rate, wired memory, and file cached memory.

    • Physical Memory: The amount of RAM installed.

    • Memory Used: The amount of RAM being used. To the right, you can see where the memory is allocated.

      • App Memory: The amount of memory being used by apps.

      • Wired Memory: Memory required by the system to operate. This memory can’t be cached and must stay in RAM, so it’s not available to other apps.

      • Compressed: The amount of memory that has been compressed to make more RAM available.

        When your computer approaches its maximum memory capacity, inactive apps in memory are compressed, making more memory available to active apps. Look in the Compressed Mem column for each app to see the amount of memory being compressed for that app.

    • Cached Files: The size of files cached by the system into unused memory to improve performance.

      Until this memory is overwritten, it remains cached, so it can help improve performance when you reopen the app.

    • Swap Used: The amount of space being used on your startup disk to swap unused files to and from RAM.

  • To display more columns, choose View > Columns, then choose the columns you want to show.

You can use Activity Monitor to determine if your Mac could use more RAM.

  1. Enter your name and password for your Mac and click Install Software. When the Restart your Mac message appears, click Close and restart the computer. Was this article helpful? We are holding a simple survey to further improve our services. If you could answer the survey, it.
  2. 'PlayMemories Home' allows you to import photos and videos which you took, to your Mac. Connect your digital video camera, digital camera or smart phone etc., to your Mac using the supplied or built-in USB cable. Or, insert an external medium like a memory card into your Mac. The photo and video importing screen appears automatically.

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Memory (RAM) and storage (hard disk / SSD) are not related to one another.

That Mac has plenty of available storage. If you are running low on memory Activity Monitor can be used to identify the memory-intensive processes causing that warning.

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To learn how to use Activity Monitor please read the Activity Monitor User Guide. For memory usage, refer to View memory usage in Activity Monitor on Mac.

Memory For Mac Mini

Memory On Mac Is Full

Once you determine the memory-intensive process or processes, a solution can be provided. WIthout that information it is premature to draw any conclusions, but the number one explanation for that warning is having inadvertently installed adware. To learn how to recognize adware so that you do not install it, please read How to install adware - Apple Community.