Powerpoint 2016 For Mac


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PowerPoint 2016 for Mac

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 7:24:13 PM America/Los_Angeles

PowerPoint 2011 enjoyed a particularly sprawling ribbon, along with a total of nine tabs. PowerPoint 2016 is neater and tidier and again matches the Windows version. What's more , has the Presenter View from PowerPoint 2013 showing your slide notes in addition to a timer in addition to thumbnails for your forthcoming few slides, so that it is advisable to preserve your insert any presentation.

Powerpoint 2016 For Mac

You'll discover new slide transitions (matching the long list in PowerPoint 2013 settle down ! presentation plays properly for Mac and Windows), along with the new animations task pane is - exactly like the Excel 2016 Formula Builder - nicer when compared Windows equivalent, because tools like Effect Options, Timing and SmartArt animation are visible after you select an animation and never hidden on the fly-out menu. The modern Morph feature creates seamless transitions between slides that have already more than one object alike; this creates visually interesting slideshows which includes a professional look.

There's a couple of new default slide layouts in the blank presentation template, with vertical text (they're not in PowerPoint 2013, even if you could create them yourself). These do look fresher less comically corporate. Furthermore-this helps you lower, every single 23 designs can provide variants, which along with the colour themes actually means there's a commendable choice options.

Pictures animate backgrounds and, perhaps more usefully, find the colour for layout guides to allow them to differentiate themselves to your design. We enjoy the terrifically handy 3D look at all slide elements getting simple reorder things, because the Selection Pane offers a similar examine objects as Word, Excel in addition to the Windows version, for familiarity.

And in addition the new Designer tool could possibly be the PowerPoint equivalent of Excel's recommended charts, suggesting layouts and treatments for slides with photos, and SmartArt layouts for text-like bulleted lists. (This uses a web based service that reminds us many Microsoft Sway and it's very clever whenever it works, however, it will sometimes be unable to devise any suggestions for a presentation located on the Mac, right after the same presentation in PowerPoint on Windows shows many different design ideas.)

Most welcome are often the improvements to Presenter View, which demonstrates that you notes, next slide, and thus, regarding your laptop screen while a connected projector just shows the presentation - and then the button that permits you to quickly swap displays is amazingly handy. And even while there are various PowerPoint 2013 features that haven't made it to the Mac yet, like the ability to translate content from your slides or present online right from PowerPoint, using Skype for Business or even the free Office Presentation Service, uncomplicated to save a slideshow like a video - an element Keynote has experienced although.

Powerpoint 2016 For Mac

Should you use comments in PowerPoint, finding the threaded comments from PowerPoint 2013 is effective, in particular when most of the people are chiming in. Annoyingly, the promised feature for comparing two presentations hasn't arrived yet.

Therefore, PowerPoint is actually getting useful updates so again, here is a worthwhile upgrade that's much better than the best incarnation. It has got a number of powerful tools and myriad techniques formatting and editing features, regardless if we miss Keynote's handy Instant Alpha tool.

Office 2016 for Mac was updated on January 12th, 2016. One of the great, new features that they’ve brought into this update is the Selection Pane in PowerPoint! Moving from Windows to Mac, it was hard for me, at first, to not have this feature to help build my PowerPoint slides. Along the past few months, I’ve found myself regularly missing it.

With the Selection Pane back, you can now:

  • Rename objects and object groups
  • View object hierarchies in groups
  • Easily change the Z-order of objects, by dragging items up or down in the list
  • Toggle visibility of objects, when making edits to complex slides
  • View the updated object names in the Animation Pane

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This improvement makes it significantly easier to work with complex slides, that have lots of animations! The Windows version of PowerPoint has had the Selection Pane for quite some time. On the Mac version, the only work-around for renaming objects, and changing other attributes, has been to write macros. In fact, I wrote one such macro last week, at great cost to my time. Furthermore, the macro editor experience has been reduced to almost nothing, amid many complaints from the community. Hence, we are kind of at Microsoft’s mercy to add new features at this point.

How do I access the Selection Pane?

To access the Selection Pane in PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, go to the Home tab, and then choose Arrange –> Selection Pane (all the way at the bottom).

How do I rename PowerPoint objects?

Double-click the object name in the Selection Pane, and type the new object name.

How do I change the Z-order of objects?

Drag-and-drop the objects vertically, in the desired order. The top-most object in the list is the top-most object on the slide, and will cover and “lower” objects.

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How do I toggle visibility of objects in the Selection Pane?

Click the “eye” button next to each object that you want to hide. The icon will change to a dash, which indicates that it is hidden. Click the dash to make it visible again.

Here’s an animated GIF that demonstrates renaming an object, and toggling visibility of objects and object groups.

I’m really excited that Microsoft has added this feature into PowerPoint 2016 for Mac, and I’m looking forward to the other improvements that they make to Office 2016 for Mac as a whole!