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On 4/6/2017 11:51 AM, Glennbo wrote:
> Drumroll... Just look at it! Lifetime Updates, Commitment!!!
> Cake pumped this up when they were selling lifetime updates, and
> projected a Fall 2016 release date for the Alpha of the Mac version of
> Sonar. Well, Fall 2016 came and went, Winter 2016 came and went, Spring
> 2017 came and all the sticky posts about the Alpha Mac version were taken
> down from the web forum. Then multiple rant threads about Mac version
> never showing up and all info about it being pulled everywhere from
> Cake's website happened.
> Then Cake says there will be an official announcement in April . . .
> Here's my take on all this:
> I think some programmer at Cake (someone like Noel) tried compiling the
> Windows C++ source code for Sonar on a Mac, and a lot of it worked. Then
> with some minor tweaks to disable calls to things that didn't work, an
> Alpha version that could play audio with native audio plugins happened.
> Then the marketing team steps in and says, 'we can make even more sales
> if we tell them there's a Mac version on the horizon'. Then more looking
> into the enormous task of making all the other stuff work in the Alpha
> version happens, and it becomes obvious that the resources just aren't
> there to get this off the ground, but rather than say right then and
> there, that it ain't gonna happen, delays occur, followed by more delays.
> I could be totally wrong, but my prediction is that when an official
> announcement is finally made, it will be something like there wasn't
> enough interest in a Mac version, and the project has been sidelined.
> They've got plenty of other stuff to work on with the Windows version.
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Sonar For Mac Torrent

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