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Plus, it supports drag-and-drop media file transfers from compatible Mac or Windows computers. This Walkman also utilizes Sony's ClearAudio+ technologies, including Clear Bass, which allows the Walkman to reproduce dynamic deep bass without distortion, even at a high volume. There's an integrated dynamic normalizer and five-band equalizer as well. Sony’s new MZ-RH1 MiniDisc Walkman will feature, for the first time, Mac support, the company acknowledged Thursday. Sony has unveiled the MZ-RH1, a portable player/recorder that Sony is.

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Sony Walkman For Mac Software

How to transfer tracks from the Apple iTunes software to the Walkman player How to confirm the portable player is recognized by the computer as a Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) device. How to determine if the built-in battery needs to be changed.

Deleting content from your “WALKMAN” using Explorer or the Finder

Delete content stored on your Walkman using Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder.

  1. Connect your Walkman to your computer using the USB cable (supplied).
  2. Open “WALKMAN” folder by following one of the procedures below, depending on the type of computer you use.
    • Windows 7 or earlier:
      From the “Start” menu of Windows, click “Computer” or “My Computer” and open a folder under “WALKMAN.”

    • Windows 8:
      Select “Desktop” from the “Start screen” to open “File Explorer.” From the “Computer” list, open a folder under “WALKMAN.”

    • Mac:
      Open a folder under “WALKMAN” from the sidebar of the Finder.

  3. Open a file you want to delete.

    To delete a music file or a folder which contains music: “MUSIC” folder

    To delete a photo file or a folder which contains photos: “PICTURE,” “PICTURES” or “DCIM” folder

    To delete a video file or a folder which contains videos: “VIDEO” folder

    To delete a podcast episode file or a podcast folder: “PODCASTS” folder

  4. Select the desired content to delete.

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By Selena KomezUpdated on November 09, 2018

[Summary]:To enjoy your Apple Music songs Sony Walkman, iPod or other MP3 players, what you you need to do is removing DRM protection from Apple Music and convert them songs to MP3,and transfer the converted Apple music from Mac or Windows computer to Sony Walkman,this aritlce main teach you how to transfer your iTunes songs or Apple Music tracks to your Sony Walkman on Macbook, Macbook Pro, iMac,etc.

However, the problem is that it could be hard for you to transfer Apple music from iTunes to your Sony Walkman because of DRM copyright protection.As we know, Apple music can only be played after paying, when the payment expires, the songs you have to purchase them again for playing. In additional,Apple conpany not allow users copy Apple music to other non-Apple devices like MP3 player,in this case, if you want to transfer Apple music to Sony Walkman,you must remove DRM from Apple Music.

To transfer your purchased Apple music from iTunes to Sony Walkman,you can use a third-party tool to convert the DRM protection Apple Music to MP3,so you can play your favourite Apple music on Sony Walkman everyway and everywhere you like.

With Apple Music Converter (Windows Version Mac Version),you not only can remove the DRM protection from Apple Music,but also convert M4P music files to DRM-free MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC, FLAC, AC3, AU, AIFF, etc. and at the same time.Then you can transfer Apple music to Sony Walkman directly.Let’s learn more features in Apple Music Converter:

– You can easily remove DRM protection of iTunes M4P and own your Apple music permanently and freely.
– You can enjoy your perfect Apple music on any device everyday and everywhere
– Convert iTunes M4P to MP3 and Play M4P Music on Mac Without iTunes
– Supper fast conversion speed and excellent output quality
– Converts Apple Music M4P songs, iTunes M4P songs and Audiobooks to MP3 quickly and easily with 100% original quality.

Click on the “Download” button and launch the trial version of the Apple Music Converter on your Mac.

Easy Steps to Transfer Apple Music to Sony Walkman on Mac

Step 1.Download the Apple Music Converter for Mac Program
Firstly, you should install the correct version of the Apple Music Converter for Mac. Then you can run the program, at the same time, iTunes program will be launched automatically with this program.

Step 2.Load Apple Music Files and Choose Songs you Want
Simply launch the software on Mac, a new window would pop up with all iTunes files, including music, playlists, Audiobooks, M4P Audio, iTunes movies and TV shows.Then the program will find all loads automatically.You should find “Library” option and click it then mark the Apple Music tracks that you want to convert to MP3.

Tips:You can select several items one by one or select the entire album by clicking on the checkbox on the top menu bar.

Step 3.Set Output Format – MP3
Now you need to select the musics output format.The software supports to convert M4P to DRM-free MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, M4B etc.,in order to convert all Apple music songs to MP3 format. Please select “MP3”option from the drop-down list under the “Output Format” column. Also,the program allows you change the output parameters like channels, sample rate, codec, bitrate, etc.

You can also choose the Output Profile

Sony Walkman For Mac

Adjust Conversion Speed:Go to Options>>General if you want to change the conversion speed.One the preferences windows to “Set Custom conversion speed for audio convert (1-16)” to adjust the conversion speed.

Step 4.Convert DRM Encrypted Apple Music from M4P to DRM-free MP3
Now you should click on “Start Convert” button to start converting Apple Music from M4P music to MP3 and save the converted MP3 Apple songs on the computer. The convert process will take you several time please wait patiently until the M4P to MP3 conversion process completed.Then click on the “Open Output File” button to find the converted MP3 music files on your computer,then you can also enjoy your favorite Apple music in DRM-free MP3 format with more freedom and convenience.


Tips:The program will remove the DRM encryption during the Apple Music M4P to MP3 conversion process.You can also view converted .MP3 files on the program.

Now,you have converted the protected Apple music from M4P to MP3 as free and remove the DRM protection already.If you want to listen to Apple Music on Sony Walkman or on the Mac,you can continue and follow the step 5 .

Step 5.Import All Converted Apple Music to Sony Walkman
Now,you have get the Apple Music songs in DRM-free MP3 files,if you want to enjoy your Apple songs with Sony Walkman MP3 Player,please plug in the Sony Walkman to the Macbook and transfer them to your Sony Walkman directly.
You can also play Apple music on other devices such as iPhone, iPod nano/shuffle/classic, Android devices and other general player.

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Sony Walkman Software Download For Mac

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