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There are cases when you need to determine the Bluetooth MAC Address of your Windows PC or tablet.
Bluetooth Address is usually displayed in the form of 12 hexadecimalal digits.

Two different methods to obtain this information are presented below. Use the method that is more appropriate in your situation.


Usb Bluetooth Dongle For Mac

Finding Bluetooth MAC Address from the GUI

Usb Bluetooth For Mac

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that you can use to connect a keyboard and mouse to your Mac. While WiFi connects the computers and other devices within a home or place of business to create a local-area network, Bluetooth has a much shorter range, about 30 feet. Bluetooth is designed to create a personal network around an individual. Your device isn't recognized by your Mac. Follow these steps if your mouse, keyboard, or trackpad. Cut corded contact with this Insignia Bluetooth USB adapter. This adapter lets users connect up to seven Bluetooth-enabled devices to a Bluetooth-compatible computer. It works with laptops and desktops running Microsoft Windows 10. This Insignia Bluetooth USB adapter maintains connections with devices up to 20 feet away.

1. Click the Bluetooth icon in the system tray and select 'Open Settings'.

2. In the 'Bluetooth Settings' form go to 'Hardware tab'.

3. Select 'Bluetooth Radio' in the Devices list and click 'Properties'.

Usb Bluetooth Receiver For Mac

4. In the 'Bluetooth Radio Properties' form go to 'Advanced' tab.
The Bluetooth MAC Address is displayed in the 'Address' line.

The following video shows the process of finding out Bluetooth Address in Windows 10


Finding Bluetooth MAC Address from the command line

The btinfo command displays a lot of information about your bluetooth adapter, including it's MAC Address.

To display only the Bluetooth MAC Address run btinfo with the '-a' switch.

btinfo is not available on your system out of the box. It's a part of the freeware Bluetooth command line tools suite.