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The C# Editor in Visual Studio for Mac is Completely New. Roslyn, the.NET compiler platform, is. Visual Studio Code is a code editor redefined and optimized for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. Visual Studio Code is free and available on your favorite platform. Develop a simple web application with Visual Studio for Mac. Build your first ASP.NET Core back-end service. Develop a simple back-end web service with Visual Studio for Mac. Cloud Development. Tomcat in the Cloud. Set up a Tomcat server in the cloud for free. Spring on Azure. Microsoft Visual Studio is the most popular IDE being used by developers right now. It was originally designed for the Windows platform, but now it is available for Apple MacIntosh computers as well. In fact, the Visual Studio for Mac software has been rebuilt from the ground up – designed natively – for the Mac platform by Microsoft. This has been done with an eye towards creating an. Macos 10.14 macos 10.15 macos 10.13 xamarin editor debugger project solution xaml fixed in: visual studio 2019 for mac version 8.0 android crash performance ios visual studio ide fixed in: visual studio 2019 for mac version 8.1 Setup fixed in: visual studio 2019 for mac version 8.3 fixed in: visual studio 2019 for mac version 8.2 fixed in.

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This extension provide preview of HTML which execute on web server.When you save files, this extension automatically reload browser or side panel (live preview feature).You can call these features from the context menu or editor menu.The main features are as follows.

  • Preview on side panel (ctrl+shift+v): Open preview of HTML on side panel. With this feature, you can easely check the operation of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Launch on browser (ctrl+shift+l): Open Web Page on default browser. You can check all operation with web page.
  • Stop the web server (ctrl+shift+s): Stop the web server. This feature can be used only from command palette.
  • Resume the web server (ctrl+shift+r): Resume the web server. This feature can be used only from command palette.
  • show UI Page (ctrl+shift+u): Show UI Page. You can change options at UI page.

Extension Settings


This extension contributes the following settings:

  • previewServer.browsers: Browsers to launch. Even if you do not set this option, default browser launch if the ignoreDefaultBrowser is false. Default setting is null.
  • previewServer.ignoreDefaultBrowser: Controls whether launch default browser or not. Default setting is false.
  • previewServer.isWatchConfiguration: Controls whether resume the Web Server or not, when change settings. Default setting is true.
  • previewServer.port: Port number of the Web Server. If you set null, vscode-preview-server generate random number, and set port as random number. Default setting is 8080.
  • previewServer.proxy: Set proxy. This is usefull when execute web app on another web server. Default setting is '.
  • previewServer.sync: Controls whether synchronized or not. Default setting is true.
  • previewServer.ui: Port number of UI Page. Default setting is 3001.
  • startupProject: Name of startup project. This setting is meaningful only when in the workspace. This value is the name of the folder. When using this workspace and omitting this value, the first folder becomes the startup project Default setting is null.

Simple example

Settings with workspace

How to build locally

  1. Ensure that you have gulp-cli installed globally using npm i -g gulp-cli.
  2. Run npm install to bring in the dependencies.
  3. Run gulp build to produce i18n files.
  4. Press F5 key to launch extension.

Known Issues

Preview on side panel somethimes don't work with CDN, Link etc.


This extension use browsersync.I would like to thank browsersync team for useful work.


A Visual Studio extension that compiles LESS, Sass, JSX, ES6 and CoffeeScript files.

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See the changelog for changes and roadmap.


  • Compilation of LESS, Scss, Stylus, JSX, ES6 and (Iced)CoffeeScript files
  • Saving a source file triggers re-compilation automatically
  • Specify compiler options for each individual file
  • Error List integration
  • MSBuild support for CI scenarios
  • Minify the compiled output
  • Minification options for each language is customizable
  • Shows a watermark when opening a generated file
  • Shortcut to compile all specified files in solution
  • Task Runner Explorer integration
  • Command line interface
  • Integrates with Web Analyzer

Getting started

Right-click and .less, .scss, .styl, .jsx, .es6 or .coffee file in Solution Explorer to setup compilation.

A file called compilerconfig.json is created in the root of the project. This file let's you modify the behavior of the compiler.

Right-clicking the compilerconfig.json file let's you easily run all the configured compilers.

Compile on save

Any time a .less, .scss, .styl, .jsx, .es6 or .coffee file is modified within Visual Studio, the compiler runs automatically to produces the compiled output file.


The same is true when saving the compilerconfig.json file where all configured files will be compiled.

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Compile on build / CI support

In ASP.NET MVC and WebForms projects you can enable compilation as part of the build step. Simply right-click thecompilerconfig.json file to enable it.

Clicking the menu item will prompt you with information about what will happen if you click the OK button.

A NuGet package will be installed into the packages folder without adding any files to the project itself. The NuGet package contains an MSBuild task that will run the exact same compilers on the compilerconfig.json file in the root of the project.

Compile all


You can run the compiler on all compilerconfig.json files in the solution by using the keyboard shortcut Shift+Alt+Y or by using the button on the top level Build menu.

Task Runner Explorer

Get a quick overview of the files you've specified or execute a compilation directly in Task Runner Explorer.

You can even set bindings so that compilation happens automatically during certain Visual Studio events, such asBeforeBuild and Project Open.

Error list

When a compiler error occurs, the error list in Visual Studio will show the error and its exact location in the source file.

Source maps

Source maps are supported for .scss files only for now, but the plan is to have source map support for all languages. Web Compiler differs from it's predecesor, Web Essentials, in that it inlines a base64 encoded version of the map in the generated .css file rather than producing a separate .map file.


The extension adds a compilerconfig.json file at the root of the project which is used to configure all compilation.

Here's an example of what that file looks like:

Default values for compilerconfig.json can be found in the compilerconfig.json.defaults file in the same location.