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VersionSoftware downloadPolicy template filesVNC Permissions Creator
6.1.1PKG 10.10 and laterDownloadx86/x64
6.1.0PKG 10.10 and laterDownloadx86/x64
6.0.3PKG 10.10 and laterDownloadx86/x64
6.0.2PKG 10.10 and laterDownloadx86/x64
6.0.1PKG 10.10 and laterDownloadx86/x64
6.0.0PKG 10.10 and laterDownloadx86/x64
5.3.3PKG 10.9 and laterPKG 10.6 to 10.8Downloadx86/x64
5.3.2PKG 10.9 and laterPKG 10.6 to 10.8Downloadx86/x64
5.3.1PKG 10.9 and laterPKG 10.6 to 10.8Downloadx86/x64
5.3.0PKG 10.9 and laterPKG 10.6 to 10.8Downloadx86/x64
5.2.3PKG 10.5 and laterDMG 10.4 onlyDownloadUniversal
5.2.2PKG 10.5 and laterDMG 10.4 onlyDownloadUniversal
5.2.1PKG 10.5 and laterDMG 10.4 onlyDownloadUniversal
5.2.0PKG 10.5 and laterDMG 10.4 onlyDownloadUniversal
5.1.1PKG 10.5 and laterDMG 10.4 onlyDownloadUniversal
5.1.0PKG 10.5 and laterDMG 10.4 onlyDownloadUniversal
5.0.7PKG 10.5 and laterDMG 10.4 only
5.0.5PKG 10.5 and laterDMG 10.4 only
5.0.4PKG 10.5 and laterDMG 10.4 only
5.0.3PKG 10.5 and laterDMG 10.4 only
5.0.2PKG 10.5 and laterDMG 10.4 only
5.0.1DMG 10.4 and later
5.0.0DMG 10.4 and later
  1. The TightVNC Server and Viewer use special data encoding techniques designed to.
  2. How to control Mac from iPhone or iPad using VNC Viewer? On your Mac, click the Apple menu from its top menu bar, choose System Preferences from the drop-down menu. Then click Sharing in the System Preferences window, and click to enable the Screen Sharing. You will then find the status of Screen Sharing changes and the VNC server address.
  3. High-speed, 3D-friendly, TightVNC-compatible remote desktop software.

Set up a computer running VNC software for Remote Desktop. VNC access is determined by the VNC software. To access a computer running VNC, you only need to know the IP address or fully qualified domain name and the password designated in the VNC software. The VNC password doesn’t necessarily correspond to any other password on the system. VNC® Connect consists of VNC® Viewer and VNC® Server Download VNC® Viewer to the device you want to control from, below. Make sure you've installed VNC® Server on the computer you want to.

TigerVNC was originally based on the (never-released) VNC 4 branch ofTightVNC. More informationregarding the motivation for creating this project can be found in theprojectannouncement.

The latest release of TigerVNC can be downloaded from ourGitHub releasepage. Besides the source code we also provide self-contained binariesfor 64-bit and 32-bit Linux, installers for 64-bit and 32-bit Windows anda universal binary for Intel-based Macs. We also try to provide packagesfor various distributions when we easily can.

Pre-release builds of the experimental next-generation code can befound here.

Vnc Viewer For Mac

TigerVNC is also provided with many distributions, such asFedora,OpenSUSE,FreeBSD,Arch Linux,Red Hat Enterprise Linux andSUSE Linux Enterprise.

The project has three mailing lists:


Moderated announcement list for new releases and other important news.

User Forum
Vnc viewer for macbook

Support and general discussion list for users of TigerVNC. Please use this list for bug reports.

Vnc Viewers For MacVnc viewer for mac
Development Forum

Discussion list for TigerVNC developers. This list can be used for patch submissions and other development ideas.

The man pages for the different programs are available here in HTML form:

This documentation is for the Unix programs but is mostly relevant forthe equivalent Windows programs as well.

If there is an issue you'd really like to get fixed, or if you're aprogrammer that could use some extra cash, head over toBountysourcefor information on how to trade bugs and features for the almighty buck.You can also make a general donation, which we (the TigerVNC admins)can distribute as bounties on existing issues.

ViewersVnc viewer for macbook

A community maintained version of the VNC/RFB specification is maintained by the rfbproto project.

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Assorted documentation about TigerVNC and development can be found inthe developmentsection of the wiki.